I’m Maria Luisa Miraldi Art Director & Graphic Designer based in Milan.
My style evolves with my mind, when i try to describe it i find it outdated. I’m creative and innovative, I look beyond curiosity, passion and ambition.
My approach at design is 360°: There are no limits! Every designs that passes before my eyes is analyzed by a creative and managerial approach; with the attention at every detail.
Method and creativity are the basis of my design. I think that graphic design is a union of parts. These compositions are a game of balance valid to design all types of projects (offline/ online).
I’m a Professor of a “Art Creative Director Course” in “Afol- Bauer University of Milan” from 2013. My course mixes my work’s method with my Human Ability: I love mentoring, training, and working side by side at other people.
 I will work with a culture of excellence, to give and earn in order to learn. 
GET IN TOUCH! I'm Available for freelance or coffee break, now!

Thank you!
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